Designed for women with allure and affluent lifestyle

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An international luxury fashion house for women that is distinguished by the traditional high-end craftsmanship,
master tailoring, up-to-date take on classic silhouettes and exclusive fabrics all which are executed by the founder and head
designer Nohar Kloog.
Quality and Tradition are Frantzi two most important values and it is constantly challenged in every garment that is made with specific attention to details.
Traditional techniques, craftsmanship and high-quality fabric are what makes Frantzi timeless and forever relevant.
Frantzi is not a mass production fashion house but rather a boutique fashion house that is preserving the traditional craftmanship of the fashion world combining with new and up to date technology.
Frantzi manufacture every detail/part of garments in small family ateliers that are working in traditional techniques and couture finishing which are very rare today.
All ateliers ; Fabric, buttons, sewing and even the labels all made in Italy and France, handpicked by Nohar, they are the highest quality craftsman with generations of experience and history behind them.
All parts of garment go under inspection process in Italy before arriving the ateliers and done by an external company.
All silhouettes are handmade and master tailored and brought to perfection before production.
Frantzi is working with the highest quality ateliers in France and Italy to provide the finest and most quality garments for woman.

Nohar Kloog

From early age Nohar was a unique spirit, she is an autodidact that left school to pursue her love and obtained expertise in many areas in the arts to achieve perfection and experience.
Influenced from Her family roots, half Egyptian and half Austrian she is a culture fountain which came with a rich heritage of craftsmanship in the arts, pattern making and fabrics that are part of her DNA.
Her childhood was a mix of authentic rich oriental culture of Egypt combined with the High art and imperial history of Austria.
Due to this unique culture combination and being part of two huge historic clutters, Frantzi is touching global women providing high end luxury done in traditional techniques and a distinguish style the combines European classic glamour and middle east luxury fabrics traditions at their finest.